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Classes are groups by age and belt levels. We also offer classes open to all belt levels and ages in our family class. You can also make appointments for one-on-one classes. 


Children's Program

Free Trial Class

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All Belt (Children's Class)
Park's Champion School teaches kids success skills for life!

The wide range of students in this class means that general focus and kicking are emphasized. Rather than focusing a belt's specific move set, we push students more physically in this class in terms of drills.


Park's Champion classes for kids provide benefits immediately, with results that last a lifetime. Our Children's Program is geared towards kids ages 6-12. We help kids build confidence, focus, and self-control along with cooperation and teamwork.


At Park's Champion Tae Kwon Do, your child will learn:


  •  Better focus, self-control, and concentration skills


  • The importance of courtesy, respect, and cooperation


  • The benefits of exercise and physical fitness 


  • How to set and achieve goals


  • Commitment: to persevere and not give up when faced with challenges 


Teachers and parents often notice a dramatic difference when a child begins martial arts classes - they listen better at home, put more effort into schoolwork, and receive better grades because of martial arts.


Choose Master Park 


At Park's Champion Tae Kwon Do, we know how to bring out the best in every child. Students are taught everything step-by-step in a positive and encouraging environment. Our feedback focuses on what a student is doing right, and how we can help them reach their full potential.


"Master Park is fantastic at what he does. His skills in Tae Kwon Do and his passion for encouraging his students are a perfect combination. He not only teaches them how to flawlessly execute kicks, punches, etc. but he also teaches them the importance of good conduct no matter where they are. And to top it off, he makes it a very fun environment." ~Mrs. Satina T Wilson



"Park's Champion is great and he is an excellent energetic teacher who not only teaches my children great self-defense and martial arts skills but also emphasizes strong discipline. Highly recommend others to join and especially bring their children to learn here. He connects so well with all kids and love the flexibility of his class schedules and how he manages to teach students of all levels in the same class.." ~ Mrs. Sharan Kaur



"This place is great! I'm so glad we found Master Park. He is amazing with the kids and my daughter's confidence and respect has grown so much. He teaches the true meaning of Taekwondo! I would highly recommend this. It's great to see the kids being active and learning about discipline and seeing them achieve their goals!"~Mrs.Elizabeth Dancy Vela




"Master Park has been fantastic at working with our son. The classes have made a huge difference with his behavior, attention and self confidence. Thank you!"~Mrs.Ryan Pirnat



Getting started is easy at Park's Champion Tae Kwon Do


  • We offer a flexible class schedule, allowing you to bring your child to classes at times that work best with your schedule. 

  • Beginners are always welcome - no prior experience is necessary. 

  • AND our Trial Program includes private lessons, group classes, and a free Tae Kwon Do uniform - everything your child needs to get started.



See what a big difference martial arts classes at
Park's Champion Tae Kwon Do can make.
Try our Martial Arts Trial Program.
We promise you'll find our tae kwon do classes
to be a positive and fun introduction to martial arts.

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