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Master JoungHyun Park


*I have spent around 30 years doing tae kwon do

*Korea National Sport University graduation(2010)

   (Korea National Physical Education)

*Tae Kwon Do INSTRUCTOR Certification

*Tae Kwon Do COACHES Certification

*Sports Management LEADER Certification

*Sports MASSAGE Certification


*EBS ENGLISH Camp Teaching exercise and tae kwon do

*1st Grade Children physical education leaders

*Taekwondo 5 dan Certificate


*2010 Demonstration at International Children’s Hope

*2012 USAT National Coach For student



At Park's Champion Taekwondo, we host a special leadership program. In Leadership, we invite our students to assist with other classes and support the Master and Instructors. In addition to our Leadership, members who have progressed through all levels of Leadership are recruited to the position of Assistant Instructor. Assistant Instructors take on greater whole-class directing responsibilities as well as direct the Leadership.​ 

Our Assistant Instructors


Our Leadership


Our leadership members assist the Assistant Instructors and Master during class. Not only does Leadership benefit other students, but its members learn important helping skills,  communication skills, patience, and responsibility. They also develop a better understanding of taekwondo techniques and the belt-rank system.

What we offer

Physical Fitness


Taekwondo is a martial art with a strong emphasis on dynamic and rapid kicking. Learning various kicks requires full-body coordination. 


Classes usually focus on proper stretching techniques. The bulk of the class focuses on kicking drills which enganges not only the legs but also heavily on the core. Students are tested on kicking technique and form. 

Classes end with small group instruction catered to skill level. This time is dedicated to teaching belt/level-specific techniques which include one-step sparring, poomsae (pattern/form), and self defense.

Self Defense


As with most martial arts, we offer self-defense courses. Though not a focus of modern Taekwondo, students are taught practical and simple escape techniques.


Each belt is tested on various defensive blocks and counters to different styles of attacks. Students are tested on their reaction and swiftness and whether they are able to escape and defend themselves safely.


We also address the non-physical aspects of defense including self-control and avoiding excessive use of force.

Mental Fitness


We are not just a gym. Taekwondo approaches health with a holistic perspective. Building discipline starts at home so our younger students are required to complete various tasks outside of class such as completing a chore chart made by parents. 


In addition, we try to have a conversation with students about what they are lacking mentally in order to help tailor a better solution to coping with stress.

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