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Classes are groups by age and belt levels. We also offer classes open to all belt levels and ages in our family class. You can also make appointments for one-on-one classes. 


Adult Program

Free Trial Class

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All Belt (Adult's Class)
Tae Kwon Do is a great workout and great fun!

Our adult martial arts classes are designed to improve your flexibility, balance, endurance and strength while teaching self-defense techniques. We also use Tae Kwon Do to promote a positive way of thinking – erasing bad habits and creating a healthier and more successful life. 

The benefits of martial arts classes at Master Park's Champion Tae Kwon Do include:


  • Reduced stress and improved overall health
  • Increased endurance, flexibility, and strength
  • Knowing self-defense
  • A positive and encouraging environment
  • Friendly, enthusiastic, and motivated instructors and classmates

Most of our adults join with no experience. Our instructors are always receptive to your questions and will take the time to teach you step-by-step, with patience and enthusiasm




Getting started is easy at Park's Champion Tae Kwon Do


  • We offer a flexible class schedule, allowing you to bring your child to classes at times that work best with your schedule. 

  • Beginners are always welcome - no prior experience is necessary. 

  • AND our Trial Program includes private lessons, group classes, and a free Tae Kwon Do uniform - everything your child needs to get started.



See what a big difference martial arts classes at
Park's Champion Tae Kwon Do can make.
Try our Martial Arts Trial Program.
We promise you'll find our tae kwon do classes
to be a positive and fun introduction to martial arts.

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