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Classes are groups by age and belt levels. We also offer classes open to all belt levels and ages in our family class. You can also make appointments for one-on-one classes. 



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What is Tae Kwon Do?


Tae Kwon Do (also known as Taekwondo) is the martial art of self defense that came from Korea. It is one of the oldest martial arts in the world (over 2,000 years old).

The meaning of the name Tae Kwon Do is an appropriate description of the key elements of this martial art: Tae(foot), Kwon(hand), Do(art).


Tae Kwon Do in the USA

In the 1950's a group of Korean master instructors travelled to America to spread the art. In the following decades Tae Kwon Do grew in popularity both as a martial art and as an international sport.

In 1973 Korea hosted the first Tae Kwon Do World Championships and the World Tae Kwon Do Federation was established as the international governing body. Today the WTF has 120 separate countries as its members, which includes over 20 million tae kwon doists, making Tae Kwon Do the most practiced martial art in the world.

Tae Kwon Do was introduced as an Olympic demonstration sport in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. It later became a full medal sport at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.


Taekwondo is modern incarnation of an ancient Korean martial art form. While in the past, Taekwondo practioners were readied for mainly military situations, today it has been adapted for a less-combative environment. The art still retains is dynamic range of punches, kicks, and strikes and high-energy movements. This melts fat off the body, increases stamina significantly, and makes one more flexible. The classical roots of Taekwondo also cultivate's one mental discipline and focus.


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